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hix 1.0

Master Thesis Project
April-July 2022

hix 1.0 stands for human interface and human experience. It is an operating system (such as iOS and Android) for mobile phones to reduce the cognitive load digital media has on us.

Can design help reduce the information overload of today’s digital world? hix 1.0 is raising this question and is designed as minimal as possible to give the user enough information but not too many distractions. The design is inspired by E-Ink displays which are easier on the eye than the colorful homescreens known from most operating systems. The user can set daily screentime limits and is visually warned with a red interface if the screentime passed the own limit. hix 1.0 motivates to think about how we use digital media on a daily basis and how it is influencing us.

Lou-Anne Lalé

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