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Intuition Mirror

University Project
October-December 2021
Partners: Tinatin Egiashvili,
Clara Jungblut, Çagri Karaoglu

Intuition Mirror is a project about mirroring Data. Intuition is something everyone has but not everyone has access to. Many people lose their own intuition in their life and sometimes feel like they can't decide or decide not accordingly to their gut. For this project, we wanted to bring back the people's own intuition. It is planned as an exhibition that is visited by the user and has a similar setup like fortune tellers. In the scenario, an AI talks to the user and tracks his/her voice. At the same time, the user touches a crystal ball to track GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). This Data gives insights into the person's intuition and shows it visually with an Aura in front of the eyes (shown through VR). The AI tells the decision already made inside the subconscious mind of the user and reconnects him/her with his/her own intuition. 

Lou-Anne Lalé

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