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About me

Visual and Experience Designer M.A.

Fashion Designer B.A.


I just finished my Master of Arts in Visual and Experience Design. With my master's degree, I had a deep dive into Human and Computer Interaction and learned to build empathy for human needs when using products, especially digital interfaces. My design journey began with Fashion Design (B.A.) and took me then to Concept Design and Graphic- and Media Design.
The combination of my creative fields not only gives me a great skill set, it also enables me to think in many different directions and look at things from different angles. My passion as a Designer is to observe the world and humans to transform and translate these observations into creative processes. 

When I'm not designing, I'm either shooting with my cameras, gaining knowledge about life, humans, and society, having fun in the kitchen, or walking in the forest.

Education & Workexperience



Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

at the Akademie Mode und Design, Berlin. 


Creative Management 

at Hugo Boss, Metzingen (near Stuttgart) 

In the department for Menswear (BOSS), in the Team for Concept and Graphic Design


Media-/Graphic Designer 

at OWZ Verlags GmbH, Hofgeismar (near Kassel)

2018- today

Master of Arts in Visual and Experience Design

at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln and University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Potsdam.

2021- 2022

Adobe InDesign


After Effects




3D Printing 

3D Modeling (Dimension & Rhino)

Basic Knowledge in


German (native) 



Lou-Anne Lalé

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